Fairies With Boots Studies

Studies for the Fairies With Boots – part of the Building a Better Baphomet exhibition at Joshua Tree Art Gallery, September 2018.

Fairies With Boots is a series that asks: What if we replace the inadequate girl-child visage of tiny, winged fairies with muses that stomp around a bit more? In this world, girls who are lucky enough to grow up need a lot more than Tinkerbell for guidance and protection.  To that end, imagine all the starlettes of the grandiose pre- and post- WWII era being guided by Black Sabbath – the godfathers of Metal sired in the Birmingham UK industrial cauldron of post war angst.  We’d all be lucky to have some fairies with boots kicking the monoliths where it counts on our behalf.

Each 6″ x 6″ x 1.5″

laminate, transparency, paper, hex nuts, cap head screw, wood.